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Faculty of Health Sciences

Student advisors are responsible for issues relating to their respective study programmes.

They can help you with issues such as:

  • Approval and recognition
  • Problems with your studies
  • Leave of absence from your studies
  • Illness
  • Changing your individual education plan or changing to part-time studies
  • Delays in progression and extensions of entitlement to study
  • Changing courses
  • Withdrawing from your studies

For questions or to make an appointment, please contact

Study advisor for BA in nursing
Francois Xavier Constantin-Jonsson  (1st year)

Rebecca Adele Esaiassen (2nd and 3rd year)

Study advisor for BA in Paramedic and MA in Prehospital critical care

Katrine Maritvold

Study advisor for MA in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Work, Health Science - Master's Degree Programme and Public Health Nursing - Master

Marte Knudsen

Study advisor for MA in Midwifery and Advanced Practice Nursing, and Advanced Education Programme in Cancer Nursing

Stine B. Sørflaten


Camilla Aasmundsen Jensen (on leave)