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Faculty of Social Sciences

Student advisors are responsible for issues relating to their respective study programmes.

They can help you with issues such as:

  • Approval and recognition
  • Problems with your studies
  • Leave of absence from your studies
  • Illness
  • Changing your individual education plan or changing to part-time studies
  • Delays in progression and extensions of entitlement to study
  • Changing courses
  • Withdrawing from your studies

Department of Social studies

Study advisor Nordic Master in Social Work and Welfare

Salim Øndes
Tlf: 51 83 45 24

Study advisor European Master in Social Work with Families and Children

Åse Karina Danielsen Tallmann
Phone: 51 83 42 84
Office: KA A-241

Mirjam Haidler (on leave)

Department of Media and Social Sciences 

Study advisor for MA Change Management

Kristine Gilje
Phone: 51 83 15 05
Office: EOJ SV-353

Study advisor for MA Energy Environment and Society

Live Kolstad Kvalsvik
Phone: 51 83 36 21
Office: EOJ SV-354

Study advisor for Sociology and Political Science

Nina Nesheim
Phone: 51 83 15 81
Office: EOJ 352

Norwegian School of Hotel Managment (NHS)

Study advisor Bachelor's courses

Jeanette Goa
Phone: 51 83 37 56
Office: EAL H-117

Study advisor Master's courses

Oddvar Norland
Phone: 51 83 24 12
Office: EAL H-118