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Faculty of Arts and Education

Student advisors are responsible for issues relating to their respective study programmes.

They can help you with issues such as:

  • Approval and recognition
  • Problems with your studies
  • Leave of absence from your studies
  • Illness
  • Changing your individual education plan or changing to part-time studies
  • Delays in progression and extensions of entitlement to study
  • Changing courses
  • Withdrawing from your studies

Department of Early Childhood Education

Study advisor Kindergarten teacher education and Comparative education

Inger M. Øglænd
Phone: 51 83 29 48
Office: HL K-113

Department of Cultural Studies and Languages 

Study advisor Literacy Studies

Signe Ekenberg
Phone: 51 83 13 53
Office: HG O-224

Department of Education and Sports Science 

Study advisor English didactics

Kjersti Gjedrem
Phone: 51 83 30 72
Office: HG R-223

Study advisor Drama

Anna Songe-Møller
Phone: 51833482
Office: HL K-221

Study advisor EMMIR

Mona Østerhus
Phone: 51 83 35 33
Office: HG R-220