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Every student who has completed a degree will automatically be sent a diploma. The diploma will be issued by the administrative staff at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Arts and Education, and the Unit for Student Services, and will be sent by post to your home address. If you do not complete your studies within the normal allocated time, you will have to order your diploma when you complete your studies.

A diploma is a valuable document that you must look after. We only issue a diploma once.

A diploma is final. It can only be changed if you have made a successful complaint about a grade that is part of the degree. It is not possible for us to reissue a diploma showing improved grades once it has been issued.

Diploma Supplement

A Diploma Supplement is an international supplement to the diploma that provides information in English about the qualification system of higher education in Norway.

Everyone who completes a degree in Norway is entitled to a Diploma Supplement. You will be sent the Diploma Supplement at the same time as your diploma.

NB! Make sure that you keep your addresses updated in StudentWeb at all times.


If you wish to improve a grade, and want us to delay issuing your diploma, please send information about this by e-mail to your department. Students at the Faculty of Science and Technology should send this e-mail to the administrative staff at the faculty.