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Withdrawing from your studies

Are you unsure about whether you have chosen the right programme, or find that you are under too much pressure with your studies? If so, please contact a student advisor to talk about different alternatives that may help you continue with your studies. If you have decided to withdraw from your studies before completing the full programme, you should also notify the university of this.


Do you feel under too much pressure with your studies and are not sure whether you will manage to continue your studies as planned? If so, please contact the study adviser for your study programme for an evaluation of whether it will be possible to change your individual education plan and allow you to continue your studies. If you are not sure whether you have chosen the right programme and want to discuss this with someone before you withdraw from your programme, please contact the Student Advisory Service at UiS.

Withdrawal registration

We can terminate your entitlement to study if you wish to withdraw from your study programme. This would mean that you would not receive reminders for unpaid semester fees or other fees later in the semester. Please note that if you withdraw from your study programme, you will have to reapply if you want to re-join that programme.

Grade transcript

If you need documentation for courses that you have already completed, you can order a grade transcript via StudentWeb