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Changing course

Have you been granted admission to a course at an external educational institution and would like to take that course instead? Or do you want to change an elective course within your study programme?

Changing elective courses

You can change elective courses yourself in StudentWeb, but be aware that some study programmes do not have many courses from which to choose. Contact the student advisor for your study programme if you are unsure about which subjects can be approved as elective courses on your study programme. Any course changes must be made by the semester registration deadline of 1 September for the autumn semester, and 1 February for the spring semester.

Adding courses to your individual education plan

For some study programmes, you have to add elective courses to your individual education plan yourself. You can find a list of the elective courses applicable for your individual education plan on StudentWeb, or viathe programme description for your study programme . See also "Changing elective courses" above.

If you have been granted admission to courses at an external educational institution and want to take a replacement course at UiS instead, it is sometimes possible to add this to your individual education plan. Otherwise, you will have to apply for admission to the course you want viaindividual course admission, before the deadlines of 1 August for the autumn semester and 1 December for the spring semester.

Please note that UiS cannot guarantee that the examination dates for different courses will not clash, if you decide to sit an exam in a subject outside the study programme to which you have been granted admission.