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Changing your individual education plan or changing to part-time studies

If it is not possible for you to complete your studies in the normal time allowed, an alternative might be for you to apply to change your individual education plan or become a part-time student instead. Some study programmes at UiS are available as part-time studies.

When you are admitted to a study programme at UiS, you are normally allocated one year's extra entitlement to study, in addition to the normal time.  In some cases, students want or need to apply to change their individual education plan. For example, a student may wish to spread a three-year bachelor's degree programme over four years. If you would like to do this, it is important to read the descriptions of your study programme description and course carefully, to ensure that you fulfil the progression requirements of your study programme. Progression requirements or prerequisite knowledge requirements will state that you must have passed the exam in one or more courses before you can be admitted to the next course in the study programme.

Contact the study advisor for your study programme for more information.

If it is possible to apply for a transfer directly from full-time to part-time study, without reapplying for admission, you will have to contact the study advisor for your study programme for more information.