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Let us know!

The university welcomes your feedback! Feel free to report everything from small practical stuff to serious matters such as sexual harassment. You can also give positive feedback.

Insofar as it affects the learning environment, you can report anything that has taken place during teaching, practical work or something that happened during your spare time.

You can report situations involving other students and/or staff.

NB! In the event of immediate danger to life and health, contact the emergency services!

Serious and critical matters

You can report serious incidents such as

  • Bullying/harassment
  • Unwanted sexual attention
  • Breach of research ethical guidelines, plagiarism etc.
  • Financial misconduct

The university takes great care to make it safe for you to report critical matters.

Get more information and submit a report about critical matters here


Faults and failings in the learning environment

You can report something that needs to be improved here. This could involve

  • A bad indoor environment (air quality, clutter etc.)
  • Noise/unrest during teaching
  • Faults and failings in rooms or buildings
  • Lack of universal design
  • Faults and failings in the outdoor environment/campus

Get more information and submit a report about faults and failings here


Positive feedback

You can give praise and positive feedback here. We value being told when things are good so that we can keep them that way! You can also suggest improvements.

Get more information and submit positive feedback here 

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