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Annual audit of courses and programmes

Every year, the lecturers and course co-ordinators go through the study programmes and courses for the next study year and make changes if necessary. This is called the programme and course audit.

What is assessed as part of the audit?

The following points, among others, are assessed as part of the programme and course audit:

  • The goals and content of the study programme, the composition of the course for the study programme and the mobility semester.
  • A description of the learning outcome for the study programme as a whole and for the individual course: Learning outcome descriptions must comply with the qualification framework for higher education and be phrased for knowledge, skills and general competency at the programme level.
  • Assessment of the connection between the learning outcome, work methods and types of assessment, including compulsory activities.
  • Student workload: In relation to NOKUT (Nasjonalt organ for kvalitet i utdanninga - the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education) regulations, the workload for 10 credits should be equivalent to about 250-300 hours of work. 
  • Description of the exam, including any aids that are permitted.
  • Syllabus/literature.

How is the work done?

The work is done in a programme called EpN (emneplanlegging pĂ„ nett - an online course planner). This is part of the FS (Felles studentsystem - Common Student System), a study administration system developed for universities and university colleges in Norway. The lecturer first makes changes to the course in the EpN. The administration staff then check that everything is in place, and finally the dean approves the study programme and course.

Where can I find the revised programme and course description?

The revised study programme and courses for the following study year is published around 1 February. The student pages show the study programme and courses for the current study year.