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Student evaluations and surveys

Courses and education at UiS are evaluated in many different ways.

Student evaluation of courses

All courses at UiS should be evaluated by the students at least every three years. The students are invited to give their opinions on the quality of teaching and the content of courses. This happens in different ways. You either get a questionnaire that you complete, a lecturer sets aside time for a discussion with or between the students or invites a student committee to participate in the discussion. Student evaluation takes places either at the start, the middle or the end of the semester. This is called early dialogue, intermediate evaluation or final evaluation respectively. 

Programme evaluation

The study programme as a whole should be evaluated at regular intervals. This is a more comprehensive process than the programme and course audit. Its purpose is to measure the relevance of the study – i.e. whether the education covers students' needs for knowledge, skills and attitudes as well as employers' needs. Students, administration, employees, representatives from working life and external programme examiners take part in these programme evaluations.


The national student survey, Studiebarometeret, is sent out in October every year to all second-year bachelor or master students. You will be asked about your perceptions of the quality of your study programme, its relevance to working life and your own study efforts. The results will be published in Studiebarometeret in February the following year.

The student survey

The student survey is sent out in autumn to students at UiS in the first, third and fourth year. You will be asked about things that influenced your decision to choose UiS and how satisfied you are with information and activities in connection with the start of the semester. You will also be asked about how satisfied you are with UiS. The results will be used by the university, StOr (Studentorganisasjonen ved UiS - the student council at the University of Stavanger), Eining for studentservice (the Student Services Unit) and the Department of Strategy and Communication.

Candidate survey

The candidate survey is sent to you when you have completed your studies at UiS. Here you will be mainly asked about the transition from student to working life or further studies and also your thoughts about the education you completed.