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Lectures are part of your working day as a student. But lectures are also a meeting place where you meet up with your fellow students and lecturers/subject teachers, and a place where you can take an active part in the learning environment. The university has many highly committed lecturers who very much appreciate their students' work and active participation.

To get as much benefit as possible out of your lectures, it is important to be well prepared. As a student, you need to find out what study technique and preparation works best for you.

Is attendance at lectures compulsory for students? For many courses, lectures are optional, and if attendance is compulsory, this will be stated on the course description.

As a rule, lectures at the university are open, and attendance is only restricted if there are a limited number of seats. Guest lecturers may also visit the university during the academic year, so keep an eye out for these on the calendar!

Lecture streaming

An increasing number of lectures at the university are being broadcast as podcasts. Some of the lectures are streamed and are offered as a supplement to other teaching. For example, all of the main introductory courses in engineering at the Faculty of Science and Technology are available in streamed format.

Streaming is also offered to students with additional needs. You can find out more about how we cater for students with additional needs under the tab Practical information - Additional needs.

The university is working on increasing the number of streamed lectures, which will improve the quality of life for its students. However, physical attendance at lectures is also important, as this is how we will maintain the excellent contact we have between students and lecturers, and we should not risk jeopardising this through the use of digital media.

Make your own recordings of lectures

If you want to record all or parts of a lecture, you must ask the lecturer for permission beforehand.