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End of entitlement to study

The entitlement to study will end:

  • If the student notifies that he or she wishes to give up their studies.
  • If the student does not register for the semester and does not make their student payments within the deadlines specified.
  • If, in a new intake, the student becomes entitled to study a different course at the University of Stavanger, unless it is a condition of the new course that the previous entitlement to study will continue.
  • If the student has not earned any credits in two consecutive semesters.
  • When the study programme has been completed. This will also be the case, even if a student has not used all the semesters that he or she was initially allocated.

Before their diploma is issued, students may apply in writing for their entitlement to study to continue in accordance with the entitlement originally allocated. In these cases, the diploma will not be issued until the student submits a claim for it.

Diplomas may only be issued once. This means that any exam results achieved after the issue of the diploma will not be documented on the diploma, only as a grade transcript.