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Semester receipt now available as an app

You can download your student card to your mobile phone. You still need an "old-fashioned" student card issued from the Student Reception for admittance to The Univeristy of Stavanger buildings, and to borrow books from the University Library.

The app will not be valid as a student card unless you have registered for the semester on StudentWeb and paid your semester fee for the coming semester. Please note that it can take between three and five days after you have paid your semester fee for this to be registered on StudentWeb.

Download the app

For iPhone (IOS) in App Store

For Android on Google Play

How to use the app

Choose the University of Stavanger as the institution, and log in via Feide with your normal UiS user name (without the "") and password.
The app will retrieve the photo that was taken for your student card from our student system. If the app does not bring up a photo, it will not be valid for use as a student card unless you are able to present another valid form of picture ID when asked.

About the app

The first time you use the app, you must be connected to the Internet so that information can be downloaded. The information will then be stored locally on your phone, and after that you will not need to be online to use it. The app is available in English and Norwegian, and uses the standard language of your phone.

You can order a paper copy of the semester receipt by going into StudentWeb, going into your profile and checking the box for semester receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact us on