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Semester fee

As well as registering for the semester, every student must pay a fee each semester. You can find the payment slip on StudentWeb under "payment".

The deadlines for paying semester fees are:
1 September for the autumn semester
1 February for the spring semester

If you do not pay the semester fee, you will lose your entitlement to study.

The educational institution will only send confirmation to the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (LĂ„nekassen) when you have paid your semester fee and registered for the semester, and only then will you be paid any loan or grant. It is therefore in your own interest to do this as quickly as possible.

The semester fee is NOK 735. This money goes to:
Kopinor fee, NOK 215
Semester fee for the Student Welfare Association, NOK 460
Teaching material, NOK 20
The last NOK 40 are optional, and go to SAIH (The Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund) and UNICEF, but anyone who does not wish to pay this can deduct it from the payment slip.

If you are also a student at a different educational institution and have paid the semester fee there, you will be granted exemption from the part of the semester fee that goes to the Student Welfare Association. If so, you may deduct NOK 460 from the amount that is payable on the payment slip. You should still use the KID (Customer Identification) number on the payment slip, even if the amount has been changed. In order for your payment to be settled, you will also have to document that you have already made this payment elsewhere, for example with an online banking receipt, semester receipt from the other establishment etc. You may submit this documentation to the Student Reception or send it by email to: