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Quiet room

Sometimes we need a room that is different. A place of refuge from what can sometimes be a hectic world. A place where we can be free from requirements and expectations. A place to gather our thoughts. A place for quiet, rest, prayer, meditation and reflection. If so, the Quiet Room is here for you.

You can find it on the 1st floor of Arne Rettedals Building, V-212. The room is always open and is open to everyone.

Monday Mass

Every Monday, students are invited to Monday Mass in the Quiet Room from 14.00–14.15. The Monday Mass is a short service with Holy Communion and is a spiritual pause in our busy lives. Someone usually stays behind after the Monday Mass and is available to talk about matters great and small.

Other religions

I am employed by the Church of Norway, but that does not mean that I am only available to members of that church. I am here for everyone – whether you are a believer or not. Or if you are agnostic.

There are many denominations in the multicultural environment of UiS. The Quiet Room in Arne Rettedals Building is a quiet room for everyone. There is also a Quiet Room in Kjølv Egelands Building, room C-122. If you belong to another religious community or religion, I may also be able to put you in contact with members of that faith.