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Student priest at UiS

The student priest at UiS is Leni Mæland. One of the reasons he is there is to act as a support for students, in good times and also more challenging periods of their student career.

Student priest Leni Mæland

Every now and then, when things become just a bit too much, we all need someone to talk to. This can be for many reasons. You may be facing difficult problems, questions or choices.

You may be facing situations that are difficult, or are catching you at a low ebb, and you don't quite know how to tackle them.

Perhaps you've been let down in love, or you're mourning someone who is lost to you. You may be wondering about your life and future, and need help to organise your thoughts and identify what you're good at.
Or perhaps you just want to sit down and have a chat with someone who has time for you!

Life is complicated for all of us, including students. Some days can be more difficult than others. It can sometimes help to talk to someone about difficult choices, complicated thoughts or negative feelings. Maybe you just need someone to be a sympathetic ear? Perhaps you would like to talk about God, about faith or doubt, or would like someone to pray for you?

As the student priest, I am here for you. Please get in touch with me if you would like to talk about your life, if you're struggling with something or even if everything is going well. As a priest, I will treat everything confidentially.

Emergency preparedness 

As the student priest, I am also part of the emergency preparedness team at UiS, mainly to offer psychosocial support work in the event of death, accidents or emergencies.