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Exercise and health

If you like to work out, you can enjoy different offers through Studentsamskipnaden (the Student Welfare Organisation in Stavanger (SiS) sports centre or participate in sports groups or athletic events through UiSI (Universitetet i Stavangers Idrettslag - the student athletic club at the University of Stavanger). If you need help or support in connection with your physical or mental health, you can avail yourself of SiS's social and health offers.


The SIS sports centre offers different classes throughout the day with everything from yoga and pilates to Zumba, body pump, spinning, boot camp and more. Various special events such as a spinning marathon, a Zumba party, different family events and climbing courses are also arranged. They have passes for children at set times of the day.

UiSI – Universitetet i Stavangers Idrettslag is the student athletic club at the University of Stavanger. Their offers should motivate students in the Stavanger region to be more active through sports groups, athletic events and other social activities.


Health and welfare needs are provided by SiS's four psychologists and a nurse. All students who have paid their tuition fees for the semester can avail themselves of the healthcare services provided by SiS.

SiS helse (SiS Health) offers financial support schemes for large healthcare expenses and provides information about GPs. You can also contact us if you would like to hold courses or have suitable programmes on psychosocial issues.