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Canteens and cafés

A good student needs good food. Fortunately there is a lot to choose from when you find your stomach rumbling. The university cafés are renowned for good food at reasonable prices. Most of the cafés are run by SiS, (Studentsamskipnaden i Stavanger - The Student Welfare Organisation in Stavanger).

Student cafés in the university act as social meeting places on campus. The SiS café offers reasonably-priced, healthy food. The menu features several dinner choices, a salad bar, vegetarian food, pizzas and a variety of cold food.

Bokkafeen, in Kjølv Egelands hus on campus, serves tea and espresso-based coffees. You can also enjoy smoothies, wine, beer and other cold drinks while listening to music, reading or just relaxing on a sofa. Bokkafeen has indoor and outdoor tables.