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Find a defibrillator

Archaeological Museum, Reception beside the entrance.

Arne Rettedals Building, 2nd floor west wing/switchboard.

Bjergsted, Department of Music and Dance, staff room at the Department of Music and Dance.

Hagbard Line Building, 1st floor, post room.

Hulda Garborgs Building, Post room in Department of Cultural Studies and Language, ground floor.

Kitty Kiellands Building, 2nd floor, photocopier room.

Kjell Arholms Building, corridor outside Reception on ground floor.

Kj√łlv Egelands Building, Building B, Library, ground floor beside first counter.
Kj√łlv Egelands Building, Building D, 2nd floor Reception Science & Technology.
Kj√łlv Egelands Building, Building F, ground floor cloakroom beside Tjodhallen.

SiS Sports Centre, at the west end of the big gymnasium beside the squash courts.

Student House, 1st floor beside the kitchen


Icon denoting defibrillator locations: