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Emergency preparedness at UiS

The Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan is made to ensure that staff and students are prepared for emergencies and accidents at UiS, and to prevent the occurrence of such events.

These pages contain information about the Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plan for UiS. Please familiarise yourself with the following notification procedures and what you should do if you are first on the scene:

1. Everyone has a duty and responsibility to notify someone of an incident!

Phone the emergency numbers:
1-1-3 Ambulance/doctor
1-1-2 Police
1-1-0 Fire Service

2. Then start first aid! 

3. Then phone UiS to notify them of the incident: 
+47 51 83 10 00 University of Stavanger switchboard
+47 482 56 960 University Director
+47 995 01 198 Emergency preparedness coordinator
+47 951 96 107 Director of Strategy and Communication
+47 905 69 522 Director of Human Resources