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Available printers for students at UiS

A list over all the printers available for students at UiS:

•Arne Rettedals lobby 1. floor.
•Arne Rettedals V-wing second floor.
•Library Ullandhaug, 1. floor.
•Library Ullandhaug, basement
•Library Bjergsted
•Library Arkeologisk museum
•Hulda Garborgs, O-108
•Hagbard Lines, U-wing, U-204
•Ellen and Axel Lunds, V-wing, second floor.
•Kjell Arholms, U-110, first floor.
•Kjell Arholms, U-022, U (basement).
•Elise Ottesen-Jensens, first floor.
•Student's building, second floor.
•Kjølv Egelands C-blokk, second floor. exit
•Kjølv Egelands D-blokk, 3th floor.
•Kjølv Egelands E-blokk, floor. corner
•Ivar Langens, second floor.