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Campus map

Our electronic map (MazeMap) will help you find the room or the auditorium you are looking for! The map also contains other important information about the buildings and outdoor spaces.

Kartutsnitt fra Ullandhaug Prøv ut vår nyttige kartløsning! (Klikk på kartet eller lenkene under)

Map of Campus Ullandhaug (main campus)

Map of Campus Bjergsted (Department of Music and Dance)

Map of Museum of Archaelogy

Information about Mazemap:

  • Mazemap is designed to help you find your way around our campuses 
  • All floors and room numbers on our main campus has been added to the digital map. You can even navigate through the floors of a building to find your way.
  • You can use the search function to find a room or location and easily share it with your friends by e-mail or Facebook.
  • You can use Mazemap to find defribillators, rest rooms, cantinas and other facilities on campus.
  • You can download the Mazemap app for Apple and Android devices. For windows phone users, please use your browser.