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Welcome Ceremony

The Academic opening on Monday 13th of August at 12 PM will also be streamed - see link below:

The Welcome Ceremony will be streamed - follow it from here

Free entrance.


  • Welcome to UiS by Rector Marit Boyesen
  • Welcome to Stavanger by Mayor Christine Sagen Helgø
  • Key speech by Roy Steffensen, leader Utdannings- og forskningskomiteen.
  • Student speech by the leader of the Student Organization (StOr) at UiS
  • Stavanger Forum's dissemination award by Director Jan Hauge.
  • Opening of the Fadder Festival by Fadder leader Kim Roger Andersen.


  • Mugisho
  • Stina Kjelstad
  • Hilde Toresdatter Tangen, sopran, and Mengyao Wang, piano,  Faculty of Performing Arts, UiS.
  • Stavanger studentsangforening
Welcom ceremony 2017