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The Bachelor & Master Day 2017

SPE Student Chapter Stavanger and the Faculty of Science and Technology at UiS have the pleasure of inviting all engineering students to the Bachelor Master Day 2017 the 10th of October.

SPE has in cooperation with the Faculty of Science and Technology, tailored a program for all engineering students who are writing their bachelor or master's thesis during the spring of 2018.

From 10:00 to 14:00 on this day, you will receive information from the faculty and their engineering departments regarding your thesis. This includes all the information you need about writing your thesis, current rules and procedures and much more.

SPE has taken previous students' experiences and feedback into account, so that you can get a better start than anyone before you got. We want to motivate you as a graduate student by making the start-up phase and the writing process easier.

In addition to academic assistance, you will be presented with several bachelor and master theses from several companies relevant to your field of study. The various companies will also present current issues in today's market so that you can make your own thesis.

Writing for a business can be your chance of securing a summer internship or future workplace. Don’t miss out on this day!

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For questions regarding the Bachelor's and Master's Day 2017, please contact: e-mail:

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