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Næringslivsmessen is a business fair organized by the student organizations MastØk, ØSF, MEES and MEL in Tjodhallen from 10:00-15:00, Thursday the 12th of March.

We invite several businesses and organizations to participate with stands and speedpresentations where you can talk to them about opportunities both during and after you finish your studies.  If you make a good impression you may also be invited to a dinner event during the evening. There will be several competitions with great prizes both during the business fair and at the Facebook event


10:00-15:00: Tjodhallen is open

10:00-10:15: Opening ceremony with goodie bags for the first visitors

13:00-14:00: Speedpresentations and lunch in KE A-101

14:30-15:00: Closing ceremony and a winner of the main competition is drawn

19:00-22:00: Dinner for selected students”