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Africa Day 2019 - Beautiful Africa

IT IS FINALLY HERE AGAIN! That time of the year, celebration day. This year, following the HUGE success in front of around 300 attendants that this event had last year, Pan-African Student Union of Stavanger are again organising African Day. This year the theme in place will be Beautiful Africa.

There will be speakers as well as plenty of entertainment slots. There will also be stands, which were the highlight of the event last year, representing each African country at UiS!

On these stands you will get introduced to each African country represented that day, be it through that country's food, different customs, music, some info about that country, interesting stories or maybe all together combined. One thing is sure, you have to come and check it out!

Last year there was 300 people as we mentioned, this year we would like to have many more! So come through 12th of April, to one of the most unique events that you will never forget

See you all there!

event poster