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What's the problem?

Workshop about finding problems that require a solution with LevelUp and StartUiS.

Many entrepreneurs jump right to a cool solution without asking the crucial questions: “What problem do I want to solve?” and “Who has this problem?”

If you want to create a business, you need to solve a problem that someone is willing to pay you to solve. ‘What’s the problem??’ is a workshop that focuses on finding real life problems from all over the world, and deep dive into who has the problem, what the problem really is, and who will pay to get it solved.

We invite all UiS students to come up with problems that need to be solved. We will work together to find answers to the questions above, and generate good problems for future business ideas. The problems will be the foundation for our next workshop where we will develop business ideas as answers to the problems and align them with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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