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IKBM student-industry networking day

We want to bring the business community closer to researchers and students at IKBM.

Get free tickets here (registration closes at March 5. 

To do this, we have designed a program with a mixture of motivating presentations, a rapid-fire introductory session (One Minute Madness), and a marketplace with stands for networking; where all participants can mingle, exchange ideas, and discuss ways to work together.

This event will also provide students a platform to meet professionals in their field and learn how to best prepare themselves for careers in the local industry and beyond.

For students, researchers, companies, and organizations.

For companies: Create new relationships and discuss opportunities for collaborative projects with students and researchers from IKBM and other local institutions. Present your business' focus and needs in the One Minute Madness and at your stand.

For students (high school, bachelors, masters, PhD): Meet companies, organizations, and researchers. Gain insight into the types of positions that exist and what skills are required. Talk to representatives and introduce yourself. Share what skills you can bring to a thesis project, business partnership, or as an employee.

For researchers (postdoc, professor, other scientific professionals): Gain insight into others' challenges and get inspiration for innovative business and research partnerships. Find support for a new project and recruit your next student. Make your research visible to potential partners in the One Minute Madness.

For organizations: Meet the people that you serve in your organization. Get your message out and help support collaboration between local businesses, students, and researchers.


10:00 - 10:30

10:30 - 11:15
Welcome & Inspiration
Gro Johnsen, leader IKBM
Hanne Hagland, leader Health Technology Network
Research & Industry collaborations, TBD
Alumni presentations, TBD

11:15 - 11:45
One Minute Madness
All companies present themselves with a presentation of 1 minute and 1 slide. Researchers can also sign up to present.

11:45 - 14:00
Marketplace Networking*
Lunch & refreshments provided
*Stand set-up is from 8:30-10 (food and refreshments provided for representatives)


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