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The Student Peace Prize winner visits UiS

25th January the Student Peace Prize winner, Fasiha Hassan, visits UiS to hold a guest lecture.

The Student Peace Prize (SPP) is a prize awarded on behalf of all norwegian students, to a student or a student organisation that stand out in the work for peace, democracy and human rights. Students are often the first ones to take to the streets to fight for peace, but they do not receive the recognition they deserve.

The Student Peace Prize 2019 will be awarded Fasiha Hassan for her non-violent efforts towards equal access to higher education and her leading role in the movement #FeesMustFall in South Africa. The movement was initiated after the announcement of a planned increase in the higher education fees, something that would have excluded big parts of the population from attending, and reinforced racial divisions.

Tom Hetland, commentator and previous Stavanger Aftenblad chief editor, will also contribute to the lecture.