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Do you want guidance in the Study Lab? Make an appointment in good time!

There has never been more requests for guidance in the Study lab at the University Library.

In the past few weeks, mentors and staff have supervised up to 20 students during opening hours, using group sessions and additional mentors. Many students come in groups to get help with group exams, others come with their entire study group and many students come alone.

It's very gratifying that so many students have discovered that we offer help on academic writing. We do everything we can to help as many as possible, but unfortunately we are not always able to give everyone all the time they want. We therefore advise you to plan your session well and make an appointment in advance, preferably one week before the session.

It is also possible to drop in. If it is fully booked, we can’t guarantee that you will get help, but it's often possible to take advantage of the free time if someone with an appointment arrives late or finishes early.

The Study lab offers guidance on academic writing in all subject areas and at all levels Tuesdays 12 to 15 (noon to 3 pm) and Thursdays 14 to 17 (2 pm to 5 pm). We have skilled student mentors and other staff who can help you with your writing.

Make an appointment at, or drop in during opening hours.

For international students and others who write in English, we offer guidance in English on the following dates:

  • Thursday 8. November
  • Thursday 15. November
  • Tuesday 20. November
  • Thursday 29. November