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FADDER: Marthe Wang

The freshman who won the critics and the people hearts at first try.

Becoming the artist that everybody talks about, Marthe Wang quickly established herself as one of the most promising new artists for fans of pop – and jazz music. Some journalists is predicting she can be Norway’s next big thing within her genre.   

Her single “Til Deg” is still being played on Norway’s biggest radio station, and her album “Ut Ă„ se noe annet” received great reviews from the major newspapers, magazines and radio station. “I want it to sound like that I’m physically standing and sings in your ears”, comments the 26-year old from Bergen, regarding the organic sound on her album. All the nine songs on the album is written by Wang herself, and with the help of a full band behind her, and great producers the album has a very playful and smooth jazz sound. 

The lyrics from “Ut Ă„ se noe annet” is all based upon small stories and observations, which gives the album a warm feeling which will touch the listener. With her background from the jazz line from the music college, presented all in Bergen dialect, gives the music an extra dimension, which the Norwegian audience really taken found off.