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Writer's Night in the Library!

Do you struggle to get started with writing your paper? Do you find staying on topic difficult? Is it hard to search for literature and use references correctly? Do not fear: It's time for Writer's Night!

To all students! Come to Writers’ Night in the library Thursday, March 15th to receive help with writing smarter and more effectively. Throughout the evening, you can get advice and guidance on writing and use of references and sources from writing mentors and librarians. Coffee and fruit will be served.


Academic Writing «How To» (4.30 - 9 pm )

Does your paper or thesis lack coherency? Do you find referencing difficult? Do you struggle with writer's block? This student-driven workshop is aimed at answering your writing questions. Come practice and receive guidance while writing!

Academic Writing Guidance

Those who sit and work in the quiet reading room or attend the workshop on the main floor can receive guidance while writing.

Writing mentors will wear blue t-shirts and be available to answer questions and provide guidance to those who are present. Just raise your hand and we'll come to you. The mentors will be in the Study Lab from 2 pm until 9 pm. You can schedule individual guidance by sending an e-mail to

The library's reference desk will be open until 9 pm during this event.


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