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Christmas Lunch

Welcome to Christmas lunch with StOr, Studentpresten, Velferdstinget i Stavanger and Unge i Dialog.

Christmas is an important holiday for many and is celebrated in different ways in different cultures. Christmas is a time we celebrate and share. We hereby invite you to Christmas lunch with porridge, gløgg and a dialouge where we share traditions and stories related to Christmas.

How do you celebrate Christmas in your country? What is the most important holiday in your culture? Get an insight into how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Join this day and celebrate Christmas with us.

If you want to participate, please press the button ATTENDING at our Facebook page, so that we know how much porridge we need.

Christmas hug from StOr, Studentpresten, Velferdstinget i Stavanger and Ung i Dialog.

Christmas Lunch illustration