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PetroBowl Qualifications UiS

Would you like to get a chance to go to Dallas, Texas and attend ATCE 2018?

ATCE 2018 is one of the most important annual conferences in the petroleum industry. Join our petrobowl team and represent our university in the international competition!

How to join?

We are holding a quiz on the 15th from 13:00-14:00 to test your knowledge of the petroleum industry. The quiz will be on an individual basis and will be about technical and nontechnical topics; just like typical petrobowl questions.

Then what?
After our team has been assigned, the team goes to the European qualifiers to decide the best 5 teams in Europe (UiS has made it 2 years in a row!) to go to ATCE in Texas in September 2018. Where and when these qualifiers are held is yet to be decided, but it’s usually in April. The trip costs will be covered!

What are the benefits? Too many!

  • Covered trips to a European city and to Texas.
  • Attending two international conferences where you have a very good chance of networking with people in the industry.
  • Shining on stage and killing that buzzer!

Already excited to join? See you on Wednesday, 15th of Nov, at 13:00 in room A202

Also check out the pictures of our awesome petrobowl team this year on our facebook page!

Good luck!

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