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Understanding Norway's Arctic Oil

Monday 14th November several NGOs are taking the government to court on the expansion of oil explorations to the Norwegian arctic. Regardless of the outcome, this lawsuit is part of a national conversation that will have consequences on the Norwegian welfare state.

Is it possible to meet international environmental commitments and fulfil the world’s energy needs at the same time? It is necessary to understand the possible implications of this national conversation on the future path of the Norwegian energy sector, and both Spire and MEES, the student untion for students enrolled at the energy, environment and society master’s degree) would like to help this conversation grow.

Spire and MEES say: 

“The legal proceedings of this case will likely take years, but the national conversation on which path Norway’s energy sector should take, cannot wait. We need to understand the different possible outcomes today, to make the right decisions for our future. At our event, we will include discussions on the Norwegian political arena, on the legal reasons why NGOs seek to sue the government, and other views.

Join our discussion to get a profound understanding of the underlying challenges and implications and ask the questions you’ve always wondered about!”

The debate takes place at UiS, in Arne Rettedals House, room V-101.

Here you can join the Facebook event on the debate.

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