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Save the food

Food from waste is an event arranged by the organisations Spire and Stavanger Active People Society. This Sunday we will serve food made only from ingredients that were meant to be thrown away by grocery stores, and you are welcome to join us!

Food waste is a massive society problem! Every 5th consumer throw away fresh vegetables, left over dinners and dairy products every week. In Norway the food industry, the grocery stores and the consumers throw 350 000 tons of food that should have been eaten - every year (ForMats sluttrapport 2016).

The food production sector accounts for considerable amounts of pollution worldwide, so the fact that such huge amounts of food does not even get eaten is worrying. The good news is that this is a problem that each one of us can do something to improve. The report from the ForMat-project shows that the consumers are responsible for the largest amounts of food waste – in 2015 Norwegian households threw away 217 480 tons of food.

Through this meal we want to inspire you to make conscious choices to reduce your own food waste in your everyday lives.

Bring a friend and come!

We will serve free food, and share a few tips and tricks on how to reduce your households food waste.

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