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Sponsorløpet 2017 - Studentaksjonen Stavanger

We are running for Afghan children's right for education. Do you want to join us?

All the money gathered will be given to the "Norwegian Church aid's" education program in Afghanistan to give children and the youth basic reading and writing ability.

Everyone interested can join the sponsorship run, with and without any running skills. This run is a good way to get engaged, and at the same time have some fun. We promise you a great atmosphere with some good music and something to eat.

Sign up here.

Facebook page

The process will be as following:
The person who decides to sign up for this will have to get one or more sponsors. These sponsors will decide how much they want to donate. The sponsors can be parents, family, friends, colleagues, etc.
You agree with your sponsor how much they want to pay for each round you run, or a total sum they want to donate regardless of how many rounds you're able to complete. That will give us a total sum that will go to our fund raise.

You can also participate in an other way, check it out here:

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