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The Science Week: Food Trail

Join the Ullandhaug Food Trail for exciting food experiences from the Iron Age to modern day, exploring – and tasting – ancient and modern food. The “Food Trail” is part of the annual Science Week, and is open Sunday 24 September from 12.00 – 16.00.

Iron Age farm (Jernaldergarden)

At the Iron Age Farm you will get a glimpse of everyday life at Ullandhaug over 1500 years ago. Join the guided tours, the activities and taste lamb meat straight from the cooking pit.

All day: Try out various Iron Age activities, like grinding flour, whittling, baking of flatbread, making fire the Iron Age way, and tasting roasted mussels.

12.00 Guided tour in Norwegian
13.00 Guided tour in English
14.00 Taste lamb meat straight from the cooking pit
14.30 Guided tour in Norwegian

Ullandhaug Tower (Ullandhaugtårnet)

“Friends of Sørmarka” is an NGO that facilitates outdoor activities in the Sørmarka forest and runs a Sunday café in the Ullandhaug Tower, which was constructed as a telecommunications tower in 1964 and is 64 meters tall.
All day: Enjoy the view - and the waffles, juice and coffee that are for sale. Quiz for children.

Stavanger Botanic Garden

Join our guided tour of the botanic garden and we will tell you which plants are edible and which plants you should not prepare for supper. Have a go at our quiz trail, try our taster samples, or take a break in the pop-up waffle stand. 

13:00 and 15:00: Guided tour (in Norwegian): Valuable and edible plants
All day: Quiz trail for families. Taster samples and refreshments available.

Ullandhaug Organic farm

Ullandhaug Organic Farm practices small scale organic farming and offers job training. School classes, daycares and other groups can take part in seasonal activities upon request.The juice producer Safteriet AS, the organic grocery store Økologiske Dagligvarer AS and the renewable energy company Solvind AS are also located on the site.

All day: Open café with soup, waffles and beverages for sale. Sales market and open grocery store. Eco trail for the entire family.

Cooperation partners are Safteriet AS, Solvind AS, Friends of Ullandhaug Organic Farm, Organic Groceries AS and Oikos Rogaland.

Måltidets hus (House of the meal)

Måltidets Hus is a national center for research and innovation within food and gastronomy, hosting some R&D institutes, food companies, and cluster organizations that contribute to further developing the “Food County of Rogaland”.

All day: What is the value of food? Visit us at Måltidets Hus and challenge your senses. You may also try out our quiz and win prizes! The companies Nofima, Tine FoU, Core-Centre for Organelle Research, Validé, and Ipark will be represented.


For the first time Ullrigg will be open to the public as part of the Ullandhaug Food Trail. The rig is owned by IRIS, an independent research institute with high focus on applied research within the fields of technical-natural and social sciences.

12.00, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00: Guided tours. The program lasts about 30 minutes. Max. 25 participants per tour.

Have you ever wondered what a derrick looks like inside, and how drilling for oil actually works? Seize the opportunity to experience a drilling rig without travelling offshore!

Take a tour of Ullrigg, Norway's largest onshore test rig. You will get the opportunity to test-sit a Cyberbase (the steering seat of the driller) and experience the world's first drilling robot. There will also be serving of hotdogs grilled on oil barrels.


The Food Trail at Ullandhaug, Iron Age Farm