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Help with citations and reference lists before submitting you Master's thesis

It is usually busy right before deadline for submitting your Master's thesis. Because of this, the library will have extra tutoring sessions on reference lists and other elements that need to be in place in order for your thesis to be finished.

To get the last finishing touches done before submitting your thesis can be a challenge. Because of this we will do som extra tutoring sessions. We will have a special focus on everything concerning references and reference lists, but we will also do what we can to help in other areas as well.

Tutoring will take place in the reference desk area in the library at Ullandhaug. 

Many studens use Endnote to make sure their references and reference lists are correct. Assistance on using EndNote will therefore be a part of the tutoring sessions. If you haven't used this program before, we recommend you to you to take one of our courses next term. 

We remind you that you can find much help and guidance on the library's page on EndNote

UiS Brage
All thesis are to be submitted in UiS Brage. We will set up tutoring session to help you with this around the time of deadline, but you can also ask us during the other tutoring sessions that is scheduled. 

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