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ION Racing 2017: Unleashing the Beast

The time has come! On the 10th of May, the team at ION Racing are going to unveil the culmination of all our efforts this past year. We have worked diligently to get our car ready for the competitions coming this summer but before we head into testing, we would like to show the world what we have built.

It starts at 12:00pm, will last for 2-3 hours, and there will be several presentations/speaches:

Representatives from UiS:

  •  Marit Boyesen, rector
  •  Hirpa Lemu, professor at The Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science, and the university contact for ION Racing.

Represented sponsors:

  •   Altair, an international software producer, is going to talk about one of their products - HyperWorks - which is used by engineers all over the world (this lecture will be in English.)
  •  Westcontroll, who is one of Norways leading producers of high-performance electronics. Their products can be found in technological equipment all over the country.
  •  NITO is Norways biggest organization for engineers and practical sciences. They are represented in 1900 workplaces and have 12.000 student members.

We would now like to extend invitations to family, friends, students, teachers, staff and our sponsors. Take the trip to our Ullandhaug campus on the 10th of May to see this years car, and ION Racing's progress!

Poster ION Racing 2017