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Writing night in the University library

Have you delayed writing your paper/thesis? Are you finding it hard to “connect the dots”? Are you struggling with references and citations? Do you need someone to discuss your writing with?

Set aside Thursday night, April 20th from 4 pm to 10 pm! 

Bring your writing and get useful hints and tips on how to write smarter and move forwards more quickly. 

At different stands in the library, you will meet experienced mentors, guides, librarians and IT consultants to guide you with your writing, EndNote and reference lists, smart storage, e-books etc. 

English mentor will be available from 8 pm -10 pm. 

Competition with prizes! Bokkaféen is open to 8 pm.


Classes in the Study Lab

6 pm - 7 pm:  Avoid plagiarism. Use your sources correctly. For quality in academic writing, it’s very important to cite your sources correctly. In this class we will look into the rules for citing and referring to sources, and help you to get a correct bibliography.

7 pm - 8 pm:  Searching for literature. Are you struggling to find relevant literature for your paper? We go through the basic techniques for efficient literature searching.

Open to all students. No sign-up required.


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