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Get 10 study points while working on a case from a company in the region

This semester UiS is introducing a brand new study opportunity for our students!

Students working on creative problem-solving

Through the course Entrepreneurship and Business Plan (BØK385), you will be able to challenge your abilities and acquire useful and sought-after knowledge while working on a real case from an innovative and exciting company in the region.

You will be trained in various problem-solving skills through the course, which follows the Disciplined Entrepreneurship model from Martin Trust MIT Center for Entrepreneurship. The course is open for all students, and thus will enable you to work in multi-disciplinary teams.

Learning to solve problems

The platform, called InGenious, is a pan-European cooperation with our partner universities in the ECIU. The aim is to assist a company with a challenge through problem-solving skills and innovative competencies to develop a concrete solution for the company.

The end product is a business plan that you will present for your fellow classmates, professor and the company that you have selected to work with.   

Why should you join the class?

Get 10 study points while you:

  • Get real, tangible experience working on a case from a company in the region.
  • Get experience working in a multi-disciplinary team of students with different backgrounds and fields of study
  • Build a network towards future career opportunities
  • Work on a project that can be further developed

Check out the cases from our partnering companies here

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