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Fadderfestivalen 2016

Som ny student ved Universitetet i Stavanger blir du tatt godt i mot av studenter. Fadderfestivalen 2016 finner sted på campus og går over én uke ved studiestart, fra 15. - 20. august.

Fadderfestival-program 2016

Foruten mange konserter og temafester byr Fadderfestivalen også på aktiviteter som for eksempel tivolidag, tur til Preikestolen, slip n' slide-bane, brettspillaften, grillingkveld, stand up og Mario Kart-race på campus. Ønsker du å registrere deg som fadderbarn?


10.00-11.30: Official semester opening. This event is hosted by the University of Stavanger and will be arranged in Tjodhallen in Kjølv Egelands house. There will be speeches from the headmaster Marit Boyesen, the mayor Christine Sagen Helgø, and a few others that you should’nt miss! There will also be a distribution of the dissemination price and other awards.

12-16.00: Slip’n slide. There will be a 50 meter long slip’n slide in UiS main street. A slip’n slide is a long sheet of thin plastic, flanked lengthwise. Water runs down the slide to keep it slippery, and the purpose of this is for you to jump onto the plastic and slide down the length of the sheet. This is the first year we are doing a slip’n slide, and hopefully it will be a lot of fun.

14.00: The festival area opens, which means that you can buy the shirt, and “bong” that you will need to be able to buy drinks inside the tent. NB: You have to WEAR the t-shirt to get inside the festival area.

14.00-18.00: Helicopter sightseeing at the university. This sightseeing tour will be available on campus. If you are interested to book it for a different day, please visit the Priest Office at Studentenes Hus. The tour is available at a discounted rate of 350NOK. Take advantage of this bargain.

15.00: Concert with DJ&DRUMS! DJ&DRUMS with the international drum phenomenon Baard Kolstad in the lead, is a Norwegian EDM-duo that has been together since 2013. The concept is simple: the DJ-world meets the drum world. Never before has a DJ&DRUMS-night let anyone down before- the combination with one of Norway’s most experienced DJ’s, DJ Boge and a former world champion on electronic drums, sets the foundation for an experience you will not forget. They will perform in the festival tent, so go there to kick start the party factor!

16.00-18.00: Concert with Goggen. He will entertain as he always do with well-known songs that creates good vibes this Monday at the festival area. So gather around him and sing along!

18.00: Concert with Oscar Casa. This guy will definitely keep the good atmosphere going at the festival area with his amazing DJ skills.

18.00-20.00: Event- Let’s get Board. If you are in need for a little break from the events at the festival area, this board game event is a perfect solution. This will happen at Tappetårnet, and is a non-alcoholic event. There will be many board games to try out, and they also soda and some other snacks. This is a perfect occasion for people to get to know each other, so do not hesitate to stop by.

20.00-20.30: Concert with Morgan Sulele. This is a concert you do not want to miss out on. He is known for making people dance and sing along at his concerts, which is a perfect warm up for the next concert!

20.00: Fireplace tales at Møllebukta, “Swords beach”. Down in Møllebukta, where you’ll find the iconic Three Stone Swords. We’ll have a get-together, with a fire and some good stories. This is a nonalcoholic event. Notice: Bad weather will cancel the event.

21.00-21.45: Concert with Katastrofe. The place to be is in the main tent at the festival area. Katastrofe has a lot of great songs and will perform every single one of them at this 45 minutes long concert! Don’t miss out!

21.45: DJ’s Haavard and Bendik. They will keep the good atmosphere at the festival area until everyone has made it to the busses that will get you to the after parties.

22-23.30: Bus to the after parties in town.


12.15-15.00: Jernaldergården family-day. This is a nonalcoholic event where anyone can join and it’s for free! This is an opportunity for students with families to bring them to Jernaldergården, which is only a five minute walk away from the university. This is also a good way to gather up a group of friends, maybe from your fadderkid-group, to get to know each other a little more.

14.00: The festival area opens.

14.00-16.00: DJ Oscar Casa will be playing and make good vibes at the tent area. Grab a pizza and something to drink, and enjoy the fadderfestival at daytime!

14.00: Mario Kart run. This is a run where all the participants get a “car”, and three balloons hanging after them. The whole idea is to create a real life Mario Kart car-race! You are going to try to shoot down each other’s balloons, and the one that stays the longest without getting shot down, wins the race. This is a nonalcoholic event.

14.15: Volleyball-tournament.

15.00: Soccer match. “All star” football mini match from the Stavanger Studentliga.

15.00: Wall climbing at SIS sports center. Join in the wall climbing at the SIS Sportssenter where you’ll have the challenge to climb and have lots of fun! This is a nonalcoholic event.

16.00: What would you do for a ticket? Join us on stage for some games and challenges for the opportunity and amazing reward of a ticket to a theme party of the night. The games will be hold on stage in the main festival tent.

16.15: Concert with Supersoaker. A live band concert that will give sweet sound in the festival tent. If you didn’t get enough live music on Monday, join this one!

16.30: American football challenge. If you want to see what kind of American football skills you got, join the UiSi – Hytech Ameican Fotball team demonstration at the festival area!

16.30: Lacrosse tryouts. If you want to be a part of the university’s lacrosse-team, this is the day they will have the tryouts. So meet up at the football field at the university, and show them what you got. This is also a nonalcoholic event.

17-18.00: Bowling at Metro bowling. We have reserved a bunch of bowling lanes at Metro Bowling, where you’re able to enjoy one hour of free bowling on Fadder! You’re free to bowl more after the free hour at your own expense.

18.00: Coaching: Are you good enough? Anne Karen Gravdal an up-an- coming coach will hold a little conference/speech at Folken. She will talk about points like “What can you do?”, “How can you handle the pressure?” and “Is there any limits to what you can do?”. This is a great inspiration kick to both new and old students at the university. Don’t miss her out!

20.00: The roaring 20’s. This is a cool theme party that wants you to dress up as if you lived in the 1920’s. The party will be at Folken, and the age limit is 18. So put on your great Gatsby look and have fun! You can buy tickets to the party for a 100 NOK at the festival area the same day.

20.00: Aftersun party. This theme party is filled with colors, sunscreen, beach balls, swimming matrasses and many other fun things! Dress up as if you came straight from the beach and enjoy the sweet summer music at Hall toll! The age limit is 18+, and you can buy tickets to the party for a 100 NOK at the festival area the same day.

22.30: The 70’s – 80’s – 90’s party. Dress up as a 70’s disco dancer, 80’s rebel or a 90’s boy band lover and show up at Alf & Werner. The three bars at Alf & Werner will cover one decade each, so there will be three different music genres to enjoy! You can buy the tickets for 100 NOK at the Festival area on Tuesday. The age limit for this party is 20+.


13.00-15.00: Carnival-day. Meet all the Student organizations between the “Arne Rettedal” building and the “Student-house”. The student organizations will have a fun activity you can try out. This is a great opportunity to find out everything you can do if you choose to join them. We strongly recommend you to join at least one organization. It will create a new social network for you, and make your student life better!

14.00: Festival area opens.

14.00: The amazing race. If you like a challenge, and want to hunt a treasure, join the amazing raze! This works the same way as on television, where you will meet the typical roadblocks and detours. The route start at campus, and will locate you to different places around Stavanger center, so this is also a great way to get to know the city better. Team up with your Fadder group or with some other friends. The winning team will get an amazing price.

14.00: DJ’s Haavard and Bendik will play nice music on stage to get a good atmosphere at the festival area.

15.00-17.00: Wipe-out zone. A challenging WipeOut zone will be present this year thanks to Stavanger Kickoff. This activity is a MUST try! Gather a few friends or your fadder group, and try not to get wiped out.

16.00: What would you do for a ticket? Join us on stage for some games and challenges for the opportunity and amazing reward of a ticket to a theme party of the night. The games will be hold on stage in the main festival tent.

16.15: Concert with Goggen. He will entertain as he always do with well-known songs that creates good vibes at the festival area. So gather around him and sing along!

17.00: Concert with Stavanger symphony orchestra. Enjoy an intimate concert With the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra at the Concert House! Chances are that you will meet and greet the musicians! This event is open to everybody and is free of charge! Do not forget to wear your fadder shirt, remember that it is your ticket to every event during the week!

20.00: Superhero party. A theme party where you dress up as a superhero. Dress up as your grandmother, the hulk or whatever person you think is a true and cool hero. The party is at Folken and the age limit is 18+.

21.00: Toga party. Join us as Cleopatra or Caesar, or leave your bed naked and wear the white bed sheets. This party will be held at Rødesjøhus and the tickets can be bought at the Festival Area for 150 NOK. The age limit are 18+.

23.00: The traffic light party. The concept is that if you are single and ready to… wear green, yellow if it’s complicated and red if you are in a relationship but… you are always in the look for new “friends”! The Traffic light party will be held at Hexagon and the tickets can be bought at the Festival area for 100 NOK.


14.00: Festival area opens.

14.30: Water balloon fight. Come and enjoy a fun time with lots of balloons filled with water ready for you to throw at your friends, best friends, fadder pals or frenemies! We will keep you updated on where on campus it will be held.

15.30: Concert with Eric “Slim” Zahl and the south west swingers. Listen to the winners of the 2016 European Blues Challenge at the main stage. From swinging country to jazz or blues, this band have a little bit of everything! Be there!

16.00: Church crawl.

16.30: DJ Oscar Casa will be playing and keep the good atmosphere at the tent area. Grab a pizza and something to drink, and enjoy!

18.00: The Pubrun.The dress code is sportswear, and you’ll team up with your fadder group for this pubrun. At every bar you’ll meet an other pubrun-team and compete in a different challenge at each bar. Meet up at Domkirkeplassen 18.00, and your fadderleaders will guide you to the first bar. There will be to different pubrun-routes. One for people that are 18+, and one for age 20+. You can buy the tickets for the run at the festival area on the same day. So put on some great and colorful sporty outfit, and have fun!

20.00: Christian student service at Folken. This is a service where students from different denominations will celebrate together. There will be an English translation for international students. The Student Priest and leaders from the student organizations invite you to stay for coffee and for the Marianne Engebretsen concert! Meet up at Folken, the event is for free!

21.00: Concert with Marianne Engebretsen. Her music is like “chilly pop that hits your heart”. You may have heard “Ignite” from NrkP3 (Urørt), or recognize her as one of the semi-finalists from The Voice (2015). She is an up and coming artist in Norway, don’t miss her out! The concert is for free, and there will be no sales of alcohol during this concert. 


14.00: BBQ. In hope of a great weather this day, we want to gather everyone for some barbeque at Vaulen. Bring the food and drinks you want, and the rest will be taken care of.

16.00: Movie time. We have booked two show rooms at the Stavanger Movie Theatre (SF Kino). To join on for a free movie afternoon, you have to sign up at the festival area. First come, first serve! It will be possible to sign up on Thursday between 15:30-18:00.

18.00: Festival area opens.

18.00: DJ’s Haavard and Bendik will play nice music on stage to get a good atmosphere at the festival area.

19.00: Concert with A1. Come and listen to Ben, Mark, and Christian from A1 kicking off the Foam party this year! This is a band ALL 90`s kids are familiar with. The concert will be at the festival area on the main stage, and the best of all: it is free!

19.45: Foam party. All we’ll say about this is: Pack your swimsuits, get ready to get wet and enjoy the foam and the sound of A1 and later Sjur sax. The foam party was a great success last year, and will be no different this year! This is the last concert the Fadderfestival will bring to you, so make sure you’re there in time to see it all! We’ll start pouring out the Foam between 19:30 and 20:00.

20.00: DJ Sjur Sax, Matzow & friends. Sjur Sax will be in charge on keeping the party going with the company of some of his DJ friends from the nightlife in Stavanger, including DJ Matzow! Dance in the foam to some of the best DJs from Stavanger and enjoy his unique performance with the beats on his saxophone.

22.00-23.30: Bus to the after parties in town.


10.00: SIS Sport: Pulpit rock tour with UISI.SiS Sport is hosting a tour to The Pulpit Rock (Prekestolen) with the UiSi Mountain group! The busses will depart at 9:00 from the city center. Once at The Pulpit Rock, the tour guides from UiSi will guide you up and down. Do not forget to wear proper shoes and clothing. The tour has a cost of 150 NOK per person, a truly bargain if you compare it to regular seasonal prices.