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Earn 10 study points while working on a case from a company in the region

Sign up for Strategies for Innovation Management and work on a real-life challenge from a company in the region

InGenious, presentation of results

Last semester UiS introduced a brand new study opportunity – InGenious. Students got the chance to work in multi-disciplinary teams and tackle cases and challenges from exiting companies in the region. This semester you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity through the open course’ Strategies for Innovation Management’ (MØA416).

InGenious provide the opportunity working on relevant, concrete challenges and opportunities. Real-life challenges are not only worth solving because of economic or societal leverage, but they also provide a stimulating environment for in-depth disciplinary learning, experimenting with problem-solving skills and innovative competencies to develop tangible solutions. 

Choose a challenge from an exciting company in the region

Local partner companies submit a challenge for its company, which will be available for the participants in the 'Strategies for Innovation Management' course. Today’s challenges require contributions from people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, so to solve the challenges, multi-disciplinary teams are formed to analyse, (re)frame problem statements to develop the most attractive solutions for the company. Student teams will work in close collaboration with the company they chose and present their results on the InGenious Final Event held at the end of the semester.  

Strategies for Innovation Management – MØA416

Innovation is increasingly essential for the development and competitiveness of firms. Today’s most successful firms compete mainly through innovation, whether in the form of continuous development of new products, improvement of processes or organizational structures, or identification of new markets. Through this course, students will develop a critical perspective of the strategies for the management of the innovation process. Through investigation of the innovation processes in the real private or public organization during the course, students will acquire the skills to assist in managing the firm’s innovation process.

Why should you join the class?

Earn 10 study points while you:

  • Get real, tangible experience working on a case from a company in the region
  • Get experience working in a multi-disciplinary team of students with different backgrounds and fields of study
  • Build a network towards future career opportunities
  • Work on a project that can be further developed

Sign up for Strategies for Innovation Management (MØA416)