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Tuberculosis test

Every person who is from a high endemic country/area of tuberculosis, must take a test for tuberculosis when entering Norway.

According to Norwegian law this test is mandatory for every person from a high endemic country/area and every person who has stayed in those countries/areas for more than 3 months and who is planning to work/study in child/health care in Norway. If you do not take the test, you can be denied starting your work/studies in Norway. You should take the test within four weeks after arrival to Norway.

The tuberculosis test is free of charge.

Tuberculosis is a serious infectious disease and is a worldwide problem. Tuberculosis is spread through air from persons with tuberculosis in their lungs.

Alphabetical list of countries with high and very high occurrence

The list is available here

Please find more information regarding tuberculosis and testing. 

Positive results

A positive result will not influence your stay in Norway. If your test turns out positive, you will be offered further controls and treatment if necessary. All eventualities regarding further testing, controls and treatment of tuberculosis is also free of charge.

Appointments and contact information

Please make a personal appointment with the Office of Infection Control (Smittevernkontoret) in Stavanger.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 51913339 (For booking a personal appointment)/ 51508569/90732344 (Only for individual inquiries related to TB test)
  • Visiting address: Smittevernkontoret, Torgveien 15 C, 4016 Stavanger.
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00-14:00.