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Energy, Environment and Society - masterstudium

Energy and its associated environmental challenges represent tremendous challenges for both nations and the international community. Energy systems across the globe are transitioning - or about to transition - toward lower carbon and more sustainable energy configurations. At the same time, debates about what constitutes sustainable energy policy have become increasingly common and intensified in most countries, with political conflicts over the true meaning of concepts such as sustainable energy, low carbon transition, and with different and competing visions about the future energy mix and future energy system.

These political controversies found the core of this Master study. It raises the fundamental questions of what sustainable energy might be and what a low carbon transition might look like from different perspectives. This study will give students an overall insight into energy specific challenges, environmental challenges associated with energy (climate change, loss of biodiversity, environmental migration etc.), and explore different actors, interests, perceptions and drivers of a possible transition towards a low carbon society in diverse contexts taking into account the environmental, social and economic dimensions of sustainable development.

The Master has a specific focus on transition theories. How can societal changes be managed and directed toward specific goals such as sustainable development and a low carbon society? What are the specific configurations of politics and policy that will enable a transition to a sustainable society in different contexts?