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A masters degree candidate within the field of petroleum technology has gained thorough knowledge within the subject area and an in depth insight into certain areas within the field. The candidate has acquired knowledge from the technical-scientific theories and methods from the field. Moreover, the candidate can apply knowledge on new areas within the field and is able to analyze technical problems with based on the fields history, tradition, uniqueness and place in society.


Upon graduation, the candidate can analyze existing theories, methods, interpretations within the field and work individually with practical and theoretical problem solving. The candidate can use relevant research methods and academic work in an independent manner. The candidate is able to conduct research, - or development projects under guidance according to research ethical norms.

General qualifications

The candidate can analyze relevant subject-, profession-, and ethical issues and use his/her knowledge and skills on new areas in order to carry out advanced tasks and projects. The candidate can conduct extensive independent work and possess knowledge on the subject areas forms of expression. The candidate can communicate subject specific problems, analyzes and conclusions within the subject specific area, with specialists in the field as well as with the public and can contribute to new ideas in the innovative processes.