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Student ombudsman

Since 1 January 2015, the University of Stavanger has had its own Ombudsman for Students. The ombudsman is an independent consultant who is there to help students at UiS, to provide guidance, advice and assistance, and to ensure that cases are handled correctly and properly.

The Ombudsman for Students is an independent party and does not report to any instructing authority.
Students and employees are all entitled to notify the ombudsman of any censurable conditions.

The Student Ombudsman may also independently initiate and conduct investigations into student cases, and other matters that affect students. If deemed necessary, he may also bring cases directly before the board.

Non-disclosure agreement

The ombudsman is bound by a non-disclosure agreement, and neither students nor the university are allowed access to the cases of the Ombudsman for Students.

Dennis Aske is the Ombudsman for Students at UiS. Unfortunately he is absent for the time being. In his absence, as a temporary solution, legal advisors Heidi Fosse Mathisen and Ingrid Stokkeland at the Office of Academic Affairs will handle cases brought to the ombudsman.

We recommend contacting the Ombudsman for Students by e-mail, describing the problem and detailing the kind of assistance you need. It is also beneficial to bring copies of all relevant documents and correspondence when meeting the ombudsman. This will often help speed up the process.



Postal address:
Studentombudet ved UiS
4036 Stavanger




Dennis Aske

Dennis Aske, Student Ombudsman