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Additional needs

Do you have a disability, an ailment or an injury or, for different reasons, feel the need for special adjustments?

Additional needs

The University of Stavanger (UiS) wants to provide an equal service to all of our students. Therefore, we provide adjustments, both in terms of the physical and teaching services that the university offers. We can offer counselling and dialogue related to your needs, including your course work and examinations.

Approach us as early as possible and preferably well ahead of the start of your university studies if you need any special adjustments.

Campus facilities

The aim is to ensure access for everybody to all campus facilities. Some of the older buildings have so far not been sufficiently prepared for people with physical disabilities. If you need special adjustments of physical conveniences it is important that you contact us early because possible adaptations may take time.


  • Buses from Stavanger, Sandnes and Sola pass through campus.
  • The university has installed automatic door openers at most entrances around campus.

Induction loops and IR
The following class rooms and auditoriums are provided with induction loops and IR (infrared audio transmission) applications for those with impaired hearing:

  • Arne Rettedal's building: all auditoriums
  • Ellen og Axel Lund's building: red auditorium
  • Hulda Garborg's building: P230, P231, P225
  • Kjell Arholm's building: A1, A2, A3
  • Kjølv Egeland's building: Tjodhallen, E101, E102, A101*

* IR systems are installed. Headsets are needed in order to use the system. These can be borrowed in Kjølv Egeland's building at the student information office of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Reading rooms
The reading rooms on campus are open to everybody on the principle of first come – first served. If you clearly need a reservation for a desk in a reading room you must contact: / 51 83 10 60.

The Student Welfare Organisation (SiS) rents out rooms and apartments close to the campus. Some housing units have been adapted for persons with physical disabilities. In order to obtain such a unit you must contact the International Office.

Pedagogical adjustments

The study programmes at the UiS will vary according to different forms of instruction and examinations. Some programmes have obligatory practice periods. Notice that it may not be possible to offer alternative practice or instruction in all subjects. The contact persons at each faculty will give information about possibilities and limitations in the different programmes. 

The learning situation
The contact persons for students with disabilities can help new students if that is desirable. This may include adjustments for attending lectures or informing the instructors about the student's needs.

Adjustments during exams
If you need special adjustments during exams make sure you apply within the deadline.

  • 1 September: Application deadline for special adjustments during the autumn exams
  • 1 February: Application deadline for special arrangements during the spring exams

More information and application forms are available in the student reception in Arne Rettedal's building.