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Contact the library

If you have a question or comment for us, you have a number of options for getting in touch.

Adress, phone number and e-mail to the library departments

Ask a librarian
If you have questions about finding information or accessing resources, our librarians can help you. Staff at all of the department libraries offer personal or telephone assistance. You may e-mail your questions via our Ask a Librarian Service.

Book a Librarian
If you need help with searching for literature for projects or your thesis, our librarians can assist you. We can help you find relevant books, journal articles and other information. This service is only available for staff and master/ Ph.D. students at UiS.

Suggest a title
The library welcomes your suggestions of materials. Fill in as many fields as possible.

Comments and complaints
If you have comments or complaints about the library, please send us an e-mail.

Library staff

Who answers your questions?
Your question is answered by a group of librarians at the University Library, who either send a direct answer or send your question on to a relevant staff member.